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Scaling sales outcomes and freeing business founders

What its like to work with EPIC

“We now have what I would describe as a successful sales model.”


– Angus Sedgwick, CEO, Tim Finance
“The performance of the office has gone through the roof.  The first person I got from you has completely exceeded all of my expectations.”


– Mark Richardson, Principal, The Realty Group
“It is totally reshaping our paradigm of  our businesses capacity and what we have the ability to actually achieve.”


– Glen Carlson, Co-founder, DENT Global
“The only thing that really shocked me in the whole process was actually how great the result was at the end of it.”


– Michael Elder-Mitchell, GM Homes
“Thank you so very much. You have turned our business around.”


– Sarah Armitage, GM, OJ Pippin Homes

The EPIC Sales

Transformation Process

The most powerful sales environment assessment for SMBs in the market, gives you absolute direction on what you need to do to scale your sales.

Over several months, your entire sales environment and process are set up for powerful, consistent success and easy salesperson ramp up.

EPIC finds and helps you to embed higher performing salespeople who are a fantastic culture fit and will propel you rapidly to success.

Building your dream sales team from strength to strength, using the ultimate in buyer psychology, training, mentoring, culture and technology.

Some of our HEROES

Our EPIC Vision

At EPIC we believe there is a massive missing link in the market place when it comes to scaling sales.

So many business owners cannot grow past a certain point because they are the only ones who can really sell, or they have just one or two good salespeople.

Needing more revenue and more time, they try to hire more salespeople or grow a team and find that riddled with risk and failure. We have the absolute solution to that.

We built EPIC to free founders who started their business with a vision, a great product or service that they wanted to take out to the world and have found sales to be a bottleneck.

We transform B2B sales outcomes dramatically and achieve 100% ramp up success for new team members through our Sales Hire Ready process. 

Businesses that have tried to scale without success before are now enjoying exceptional outcomes!

So we encourage anyone out there who is in a similar situation to contact us today and learn how the EPIC process works. 

We will show you how to turn your business environment into a consistent generating sales machine.

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Year 1 Return on Investment

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EPIC Sales Group Pty Ltd works with businesses Australia-wide to transform their sales outcomes, creating a consistent buyer journey that showcases value and equips salespeople to easily win their ideal clients.
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    EPIC Sales Group is a B1G1 Business for Good

    Our 2030 Vision


    Activate 1,000 businesses to impact towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Transform your Sales Outcomes

    If you are a business owner ready to scale your vision and mission, and you need consistent, high performing sales outcomes, contact us today to start your EPIC journey.
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